Calendar Year

The calendar in use today is a revision of the old Alphatian calendar. A year of 360 days is divided into four seasons of 90 days, in the following order:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Each season is divided into three identical months of 30 days, which corresponds to the lunar cycle:

Dawning, Twilight, Night

And each month is divided into 6-day weeks, named thusly:

Karends, Nunes, Ides, Menes, Prids

The days of the week are not named, but instead numbered; for example, Karends Sixth, or Ides Fourth. The entire date would be written the same way it is spoken; for example, the first day of the year would be referred to as Karends First of Spring Dawning.

Years are numbered upwards from the Fall of Alphatia, or FA. Years before that are denoted as Alphatian Imperial, or AI.

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Calendar Year

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