Winterhaven Crossing

Winterhaven Crossing is currently the only town in the kingdom of Kynnys. It predates the founding of the kingdom, but it certainly has never been more prosperous than it is now. As the only township in the fledgling country, it contains all of the governmental buildings and facilities in the kingdom.

Town Statistics Important Buildings
Map Coordinates 13, 07 Shop (+500 gp, +1 Economy)
Approx. Population 1000 Pier (+1000 gp, +1 Economy, +1 Stability)
Economy +4 Inn (+500 gp, +1 Economy, +1 Loyalty)
Loyalty +1 Alchemist (+1000 gp, +1 Economy, 1 minor item)
Stability +1 2 Houses (Unrest -1, one-time bonus)
Base Value 3200 gp 2 Tenements (Unrest +2, one-time penalty)
Defense +0

Notable NPCs
Hyram Farborn Winterhaven Crossing’s local sheriff
Sine Willmott Owner of Sine’s Sundries, and Grand Diplomat of Kynnys
Byleth Gwenelan Town Undertaker, and Magister of Kynnys

Specific Magic Items Available in Winterhaven Crossing
Minor Medium Major
1 Empty Slot None None

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Winterhaven Crossing

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