Calculated Values

Drain Checks: Add the higher of your Fortitude or Will saving throw, your BSB, and any class Drain bonuses together. You will have a separate Drain Check for Arcane and Divine spells.

Control Checks: Add your concentration check bonus and BSB together.

All three of these values may have conditional bonuses based on class features, feats, or items.

To Cast a Spell

1. Choose the spell you’re casting, and choose any metamagic feats or investments you wish to use.

2. Make a Drain check (with all appropriate bonuses) against the modified Casting DC of the spell, and take non-lethal damage* equal to the spell’s base drain.

3a. On a successful Drain check, you have succeeded at casting the spell; apply its effects now. If you succeed by 10 or more, you only take damage equal to half of the base drain value.

3b. On a failed Drain check, you must make a Control check against the Casting DC-10 or lose the spell.

4a. On a successful Control check, the spell is cast successfully as per 3a above.

4b. On a failed Control check, the spell fizzles or goes out of control. If you fail by 5 or more, you take 50% more damage from drain and are fatigued, and if you fail by 10 or more, you take twice as much drain and are dazed for 1 round in addition to becoming fatigued.

*If you are fatigued or exhausted when you cast a spell, drain is lethal damage instead.

To Learn a Spell

Requires an interval of 30 minutes per level of the spell. Make a spellcraft check, and add your BSB, against a value equal to the spell’s Casting DC. If you succeed on this check, you may spend the appropriate number of learning points to add the spell to your Spells Known. If you fail the check by less than 10, you may try again immediately after another interval with a +5 bonus. You may take 20 on this check, but it requires 1 day per level of the spell, spending 10 hours per day studying.


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