The Rhodene Marches

The Rhodene Marches consist of an unexplored, smaller continent east of the Tarven Mountains and almost directly north of the Furoshiian city of Bolk, in the Sea of Stars. It has remained mostly unexplored and uninhabited, save for a single village left over from an aborted colonization attempt in the year 955; that is, until the Kynnysian Colony Project began in 1023.

  • Winterhaven Plains: So named for the town of Winterhaven Crossing, located on the shore of the Sea of Stars.
  • Starcoast Woods: A long and vast forest, following the coastline of the Sea of Stars south of Winterhaven Crossing for miles.
  • Blademist Mountains: An imposing mountain range, split into Northern and Southern ranges, that separates the western portion of the marches from the eastern.
  • Frog Marsh: An expansive swamp north of the Winterhaven Plains, and home to a large tribe of bullywugs… amongst other things.
  • Blademist Vale: A swath of heavy, thick forest nestled in a valley in a break in the Blademists, it has a long and storied reputation as a haunted forest…

The Silver Millenium Empire

The Silver Millenium is a large collection of kingdoms, baronies, and provinces united under the loose rule of the Imperial Family. Conflicts between the kingdoms within the Silver Millenium are not unheard of, but are usually overseen by the Imperial Family before they get too serious. The empire was formed over a thousand years ago, as a response to the Great War started by the Alphatian Empire, right before Alphatia was destroyed.

  • Carnival City
  • Holy City Arisaine
  • Imperial Capital Ragnarok
  • Majoria, Trading Hub to the Empire

The Divine Kingdom of Furoshii

The Divine Kingdom of Furoshii is an island nation that exists off of the south-eastern coast of what used to be Alphatia. Legend says that the royal family are directly descended from the gods. During the Great War they mostly stuck to themselves, their armies of expert samurai swordsmen driving off any Alphatian incursions onto their island. In the centuries since the end of the war, Furoshii has started expanding onto the mainland near the edges of the Alphatian desert, and has opened up trade routes to Plenith.

  • Coastal Bluffs of Bolk
  • Divine Heights of Ingkara
  • Shadow River, City of Scoundrels

The Alphatian Wastelands

The Alphatian Empire was an expansionist empire that once spanned most of the continent. They utilized advanced magical technology in almost all aspects of their life, from communication to travel to warfare. Much of the advanced technology in existence in the world was either found, or copied from a design found, in the ruins that dot much of the Alphatian Desert. Ruined cities and outposts can be found scattered across the known world (with the exception of the island of Furoshii).

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