Perfectly adapted to the cold environment of their icy home planet of Ileeaha, far from the sun, Ileaahans are both taller and stockier than the typical human and have slightly thicker skin. To aid in maintaining their internal temperature their blood vessels lie deep under their skin, resulting in their pallid deathly appearance. A fine layer of downy hair covers their skin, invisible to the naked eye but easily distinguishable by touch. They age slightly slower than humans, reaching maturity at ~30 years and living usually until well over 100.

They are a scholarly and learned race, making the most of the libraries and items left behind by their predecessors. The area in which an individual specializes depends largely on the city of their origin, though many Ileaahan do travel to suit their chosen field.

Orask – These 12 white towers house the ancient observatories and central libraries of Ileaaha. The central two towers house the governing body of the city, a council formed from the most intellectually gifted of the other 10 towers. Each of the remaining towers focuses on a particular school of learning: 3) Archeology, 4) History, 5) Astronomy, 6) Ancient Mysteries, 7) Anatomy & Medicine, 8) Architechture, 9) Geology, 10) Languages, 11) Mathematics, 12) Engineering

Ket – The island city of Ket sits atop a huge frozen ocean. Although the inhabitants are able to reach one another by walking over the frozen water their are also underwater tunnels that connect the islands floating eerily in the frigid waters. There are 6 islands in total the largest situated at the center of the other 5. Most of the cities inhabitant study the nature of magic, arcane lore, and the processes of integrating magic and technology. Though some of those inhabiting the city’s lower reaches study the black ocean and its contents. Ancient, abandoned submarine docking stations act as the city’s only access to the sea.

Zassual – The cavernous underground city of Zassual plays host to the crafters and technologists of Ileaaha, and its inhabitants live in almost complete darkness for most of their lives.

Ileaahan Racial Traits
  • Humanoid (Ileeahan) Type: Ileeahans possess low-light vision.
  • Medium Size: Ileeahans have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • +2 Con, +2 Int, -2 Cha: Ileeahans are hardy and intelligent, but have a little trouble with interpersonal relationships.
  • Cold Adaptive: Ileeahans have the benefit of Endure Elements with regards to cold environments, and also have Cold Resistance 5.
  • Thick Skin: Ileeahans have a +1 natural armor bonus to Armor Class.
  • Home City Advantage: Ileeahans can choose to be from one of the three Ileeahan home cities.
    • Orask Born: The character chooses any two Knowledge skills. These skills become class skills, and the character gains a +2 racial bonus to these checks.
    • Ket Born: The character gains a +2 racial bonus to Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana) checks
    • Zassual Born: The character gains a +2 racial bonus to all Craft skills, and they have Darkvision 60’ in addition to low-light vision.
  • Languages: Ileaahans begin play speaking Ileeahan and Ancient Alphatian. Ileeahans with high intelligence scores may choose any other languages as bonus languages, except secret languages such as Druidic.

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