BSB, Base Spellcasting Bonus: A class bonus to Drain checks and Control checks when casting spells, and to learning rolls to learn new spells. Listed in Chapter 4.

Caster Level: A character only has one caster level for casting any spell. A multiclass character’s total caster level is equal to their highest spellcasting class’ caster level, plus half of the second highest spellcasting class’ caster level (round down), plus their casting stat’s bonus, not to exceed their total hit dice.

Casting Stat: The statistic (usually Intelligence, sometimes Wisdom or Charisma) that governs a character’s caster level and saving throw DC’s. This is decided by a character’s spellcasting class, otherwise it is their Intelligence.

Class List: A character’s spellcasting class list consists of all Universal spells and any spells granted by a character’s class(es).

Control Check: A concentration check made against a spell’s Casting DC-10, to determine whether or not a spell goes awry.

Drain: Non-lethal or lethal damage taken as a result of casting a spell. Drain cannot be healed by magic; it must heal naturally.

Drain Check: A Fortitude or Will saving throw against a spell’s Casting DC, with appliciable bonuses due to class, to determine how much drain is taken and whether a Control check is necessary.

Learning Points: Learning points are required to learn spells; each spell fills a number of slots as shown on Table 1.

Spell Type: Spells are either Arcane or Divine, depending on how they were originally learned.

Spellcasting Class: Any character class that normally learns magic and has a Spellcasting Bonus.


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