Eastman Ranch

The Eastman homestead and ranch is largely self-sufficient, only receiving one or two shipments of outside goods a year. Lars Eastman, his wife Svetlana, and his daughters Elle & Wendy live here, along with five farmhands (Hubert, Tadwin, Devon, Markus, & Willem). In addition to Lars Eastman raising his own special breed of Axe Beaks, the family also raises chickens & sheep, as well as an assortment of crops, and are willing to offer room and board to anyone willing to provide equal service or goods, although they don’t seem to have much use for coins.

The Eastman Homestead is currently outside of the border of Kynnys, but if Lars is still on good terms with the kingdom or its leadership when this hex is annexed, his homestead will count as a free farm (reducing Consumption by 2).

Location Statistics Important NPCs
Map Coordinates 15, 08 Lars Eastman
Approx. Population 10 Svetlana Eastman
Consumption -2 (Currently 0) Wendy & Elle Eastman

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Eastman Ranch

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