An aid to realistic combat practice.


Aura faint Illusion; CL 6th, 12th, or 18th
Slot None; Price 5,000 gp (CL 6), 10,000 gp (CL 12) or 15,000 (CL 18); Weight 50 lbs.

A mock-box is a medium-sized chest capable of containing a single weapon or bundle of ammunition. When a weapon is placed inside, the lid closed, and the command word spoken (a full-round action), an illusory duplicate is created inside the box with the original weapon. Both the original and the duplicate can then be removed.

The illusory duplicate is almost identical to the original weapon, except it deals only nonlethal damage. The duplicate maintains almost all of the properties of the original weapon, including size, weight, damage, special material, enhancement bonus, and special weapon abilities, except for alignment properties (holy, unholy, axiomatic, or anarchic).

Artifacts, Weapons of Legacy, and intelligent weapons can also be duplicated in a mock-box, but only the mundane properties and the basic magic properties (enhancement bonuses and special weapon abilities as limited above) are duplicated – no other abilities are transferred to the duplicate.

An illusory duplicate created by a mock-box lasts for 10 minutes per CL of the mock box, and there is no limit to the number of weapons that can be duplicated by any given mock box, although each individual weapon can only have one duplicate created of it at one time.

Construction Requirements

Craft Wondrous Item, Shadow Weapon
Cost: 2,500 gp, 5,000 gp, or 7,500 gp


A mock-box is a large, somewhat ornate chest capable of holding a two-handed weapon. Most mock-boxes can only hold Medium sized weapons, but some larger mock-boxes are capable of handling Large or even Huge-sized weapons.

Although weapons “mocked” (duplicated) by a mock-box only deal non-lethal damage, they inflict pain on their victims as though it was a normal weapon of its type, making the mock-box a tool utilized by torturers as well as combat instructors.


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