Expandable Carriage

A mechanical carriage that can expand for extra interior space.


Expandable Carriage, Large/Huge land vehicle
Squares 6 (15 ft. by 10 ft.; 8 feet high); Cost 1,000 gp

hp 100 (49)
AC 9 (8 when expanded); Hardness 5
Base Save +1
Maximum Speed speed of pulling creature(s); 2x speed with 2x pulling creatures.
Acceleration Speed of pulling creatures
CMB +1 ( +2 when expanded ); CMD 11 (12 when expanded)
Ramming Damage 2d8

Propulsion Muscle (pulled; 9 Medium creatures or 3 Large creatures, or double these numbers)
Driving Check Handle Animal or Profession (driver) (with animals), Diplomacy or Intimidate (with people)

This four-wheeled vehicle can transport up to 6 people in the enclosed cab, in addition to 1 driver and 2 other people seated next to the driver. The carriage’s roof can carry 1,500 pounds of cargo. With 10 minutes’ work, the carriage can be expanded to 12 squares (15’ wide by 20’ long), and in this configuration extra benches or beds fold out to either transport 12 passengers or provide sleeping arrangements for six.

Forward Facing toward the creatures pulling the vehicle
Driving Device reins
Driving Space the most forward squares if the carriage’s upper deck.
Decks 2; a lower cab with enough room for six/twelve passengers, and an upper deck with room for a driver and two passengers.

Carriage Enhancements
Door Locks
Quality of Lock DC to Break / Pick Lock Cost
Very Simple DC 20 Included
Average DC 25 40 GP
Good DC 30 80 GP
Amazing DC 40 150 GP

Enhanced Undercarriage – 500 GP
Ignore the speed penalty for taking your carriage off-road

Armor Plating – 4,000 GP
Gives a carriage a +8 armor bonus and increases its hardness by 5 points.

Magically Hardened – 12,000 GP
Doubles hardness and hit points

Masterwork Controls – 600 GP
Gives +2 circumstance bonus on Driving Checks.

Rotating Ballista Platform – 1,000 GP
Mounts a ballista on top with a 360 degree arc of fire. Takes up 1,000 lbs of cargo space.

Self Propulsion Enchantment – 100,000 GP
Eliminates the need for horses; grants a base speed of 60 ft

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Expandable Carriage

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