Sword of Love

weapon (melee)

Briar is a bastard sword with a gleaming blade, a wooden hilt wrapped in leather, and a crossguard wrapped in thorny green vines.

Nonlegacy Statistics: +1 Bastard Sword; Cost 2,335 GP

Omen: The wood and vines that comprise Briar’s hilt are alive, but the thorns will never scratch or otherwise harm the wielder.

Legacy Rituals

War of Hatred: You must be personally involved in negotiating a settlement between two hostile factions. It need not be a violent conflict, but the two sides must be neutral to each other by the end of the negotiations.
Cost: 1,500 GP, Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Briar)

Briar Wielder Requirements

  • Base Attack Bonus +3
  • Any nonlawful alignment
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)

Briar’s Abilities

Wielder Level Attack Penalty Will Penalty HP Loss Ego Abilities
5th 3 Briar’s Whispers (Empathic; Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 13)
6th -1 5 Faerie’s Foe
7th -1 5
8th -2 6 +2 Bastard Sword
9th -2 6
10th -2 6 Barkskin +2

Briar’s Whispers (Su): The nascent spirit of Calista’s capacity for love begins to stir from its slumber. It can communicate with you empathically, and can hear and see out to 60 feet. It is chaotic neutral, and has the listed ability scores.

Faerie’s Foe (Su): While holding, wearing, or wielding Briar, you can detect any fey creatures within 60 feet, but you must concentrate (a move action) to do so. Also, you ignore any damage reduction of fey creatures as long as you are attacking with Briar.

Barkskin (Su): Briar grants its wielder the listed bonus as an enhancement bonus to natural armor.


The nymph-queen Calista was not always a power in the First World, but when she fell in love with one of the realm’s Eldest, Count Ralcan, she forever changed her place in this reality. Touched by Count Ralcan, Calista grew in power rapidly, yet this power also corrupted her, as power is wont to do. She began to think of herself as the newest of the Eldest, and worse, proclaimed this power to any who would listen, beginning to build her own empire in the First World — a realm she named Rivenbreaths. The other Eldest did not react well to Calista’s bold claims, and sent one of their monstrous champions, the Tane known as the Jabberwock, to slay her. Calista escaped the monster, but in so doing fell into the clutches of the Eldest. Their judgment was swift — they tore from her mind and spirit her capacity to love, coalesced these powerful and deadly emotions into physical reality in the shape of a magical sword called Briar, and then cast the sword into the Material Plane where the nature of reality would hide Briar forever beyond Calista’s sight. Their punishment extended to their fellow Eldest as well, whom they suspected had used Calista all along as an experiment. Count Ralcan was sent into exile in the Shadow Plane, eventually to meet his own humiliating fate. (DC 15; Briar’s Forging)

The matter settled, the Eldest quickly moved on with their own inscrutable agendas. Yet while they seemed to forget about what they’d done to Calista, the nymph herself did not. As the ages wore on, she grew more and more obsessed with her loss of love — or perhaps it was the loss of love that caused her to grow more violent and obsessed. In her early attempts to discover the location of Briar, she received the visions and prophecies that would come to haunt her so — that Briar would be returned to her, but only as an instrument of her own death, wielded in the hands of a mortal hero. Regardless, Calista began the long task of shaping Rivenbreaths and wearing down the boundaries between it and the Material Plane, so that someday it and the region known as the Lost Marches would bloom with life as it and Rivenbreaths merged. The War of the River Kings was but one of the steps toward her goal — by weakening the kingdoms that occupied the land she wished to claim, she weakened the opposition to her goal. Once both kingdoms were reeling in the aftermath of their war, Calista prepared to draw the Lost Marches into her realm and bottle it, an act that would give her the perfect gift or bribe to repair the damage her reputation suffered with the Eldest. That her acts would destroy a significant region in the world was irrelevant to the loveless nymph — for in her obsession, she failed to see that these acts may have been the very thing that drove the enemies from her vision to slay her. (DC 18; War of Hatred)

(DC 25; Lesser Legacy)

(DC 31; Greater Legacy)

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