Zozo Umi

Gnome Bard


Zozo is short, with blue hair. He is currently 26.


Zozo Umi (zozo = ゾゾ umi = 海 [うみ]) comes from a long line of travelling gnomes. His ancestors have never lived in one place for more than a generation or two before moving on to somewhere new and exciting. Zozo’s parents settled in a small village called Komarasu by the coast of the ocean, on the east coast of Furoshii.

He has been adventuring for about six years now, including a spending a year hunting down the necromancer in Eras Torren, close to the kingdom of Gidore. He came to Ragnarök upon hearing about the call from the Silver Millennial Empire to colonise across the ocean.


Zozo Umi

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