Wendy & Elle Eastman

Twin Rancher's Daughters


Wendy is short, much like her father, and fairly buxom for her age, with wavy, red hair and strange scars down her back. Elle, on the other hand, is taller and favours her mother’s build and coloring, with straight brown hair. The twins are twenty years old, and were born on Karends 4 of Summer Dawning.


Wendy and Elle are the daughters of Lars and Svetlana Eastman, and have lived on the axe beak ranch their entire life. Wendy has sorcerous magical powers, and seems to be the current target of a Lamia Matriarch. Her sister Elle is just a few minutes younger than her, and has no sorcerous powers, but otherwise the two girls are very similar in terms of capabilities.

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Wendy & Elle Eastman

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