Orik Vancaskerkin

Mercenary Gone Noble


A Half Elf Fighter who uses a bastard sword and tower shield for his weapons.

Orik currently carries the weapon Briar though has yet to awaken it.

HP : 57
AC : 21
AC while using tower shield and Combat Expertise : 28
Flat Footed AC : 19 without shield, 24 with
Touch AC : 12

Vancaskerkin coat of arms

Fortitude : + 6
Reflex : + 3
Will : + 3 (+ 2 to Enchantment/Charm, +1 to Fear)

Perception : + 6
Sense Motive : + 6

All stats include negative levels.


Orik Vancaskerkin was born in the pirate city of Carnivale. He grew up on it’s rough streets until the age of 20. His height and strength served him well and he learned how to fight from the school of hard knocks, getting in dust up after dust up and hiring on to a few pirate crews. Orik left Carnivale rather abruptly and travelled to Monument.

In Monument, Orik worked as a mercenary for a period of time. He came into the employ of an Aasimar woman named Nualia. Nualia used him as muscle as she plotted to bring the local town of Maevoe to the slaughter. When Orik realized the depths of Nualia’s plan, he swapped sides and sold out his information to the people of Maevoe. One of the people defending the town though convinced him to work for her as a mercenary, and that was Nuna. Once the town was saved, she kept him on retainer for more than just professional reasons and soon the pair were in love.

Since that time, Orik and Nuna have been on several adventures together, with both successes and failures to their name. Their travels brought them back to Nuna’s home tribe in the Cuzak Cliffs, the Shadde Quah. There, he joined their tribe and took Nuna as his wife. They spent some time with their family before heading out to Ragnarok to attend a fateful feast.

Now part of the rulership of the Kingdom of Kynnys, Orik has taken on the title of Treasurer for the kingdom. He has invested heavily in the forestry sector and owns a monopoly on all the lumber harvested locally. His current goals are to find the fae creatures that are targeting his family and put an end to them, to build the kingdom of Kynnys into a worthy power base, and to become as wealthy as possible while he does so.

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Orik Vancaskerkin

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