Nuna Vancaskerkin

Half-Selkie (former human) Barbarian-Oracle with a penchant for grappling the big guys.


Born with the markings of her mystical ties blazoned down her forehead for all the world to see, Nuna’s birth marked the succession of her parents to their position as the tribal leaders. Raised by the mother of her mother, Nuna (along with her slightly younger sister Alukhan) was trained for the role to which she was destined to ascend. She was the chosen of her Ancestor’s and she would rule, alongside her mate, in her rightful place when the time came.

As the day of her arranged wedding drew closer, Nuna grew restless, ill at ease with the path that had been chosen for her. On the eve of her wedding she took the axe her father had given her on the completion of her Return and left her life and her mandate behind, or so she thought.

It was during this time that she met, hired and fell in love with Orik. The two, along with a small group of “friends” had an adventure or two, in and around the city of Monument. Finding herself with child, Nuna returned home and pleaded her father to allow Orik to join her tribe and fight for his place at her side.

Victorious Orik won his place amongst her people, they would rule side-by-side after the birth of their first chosen daughter. Nuna lived content as a wife and mother with her people around her for neigh on two years before Orik and she were asked to represent the Quah’s interests in the fatal expedition to the land that would come to be called Kynnys.

It was her that in her death, and her return to life in the body of a half-fey, that Nuna handed her supernatural mandate to her sister, opting instead to devote her existence to her husband and her son.

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Nuna Vancaskerkin

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