Malcom Vance

Armor Wizard, Tank Wizard, Gun Wizard, Muscle Wizard


Malcom is an outlier in the scholarly and wizardly society. He doesn’t stick himself in labs all day with books and bubbling broth… well, not all the time at least. He also doesn’t go out into the field wearing finely stitched cloth robes waving around a stick and talking to an animal no one else can talk with.

Instead, Malcom goes out in the field wearing steam powered full plate armor and carrying a restored Alphatian firearm, shoots things with magic and calls it research.

Don’t knock it if it works, right?

After a history of freelance adventuring to fund his personal research into the Alphatian ruins dotting the empire, Malcom took on jobs from Empire’s administration which paid considerably better, and eventually was trusted enough to be hired for the colonization effort in the Rhodene Marches. Which seems to be having a lot of trouble.

While friendly enough, Malcom tends to get lost in thought while writing in his notebook, he’s mastered engineering to finer degree then spellcasting and has got this /really badass/ design for a city wall that he can’t build because there’s no godsdamned quarry on this spit of land.

Malcom Vance

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