Jiardem Variel

Aristocratic Dabbler


Jiardem is tall, with wavy blond hair, and always dresses immaculately in the latest fashions, and always in the colours of House Variel. He wears a dagger at his waist, and is usually attended by a servant or two.


Jiardem is the first scion of House Variel, one of the major houses in the Millenial kingdom of Ulturia. He is a politician and statesman foremost, and makes sure that the family standing is primariy in his mind when he considers the consequences of his actions.

Jiardem is actively interested in Tess’ social standing. Not because he likes her especially much, though he is benevolent in his familial neglect, but because she is an asset to the Variel name. He is content to not pressure her too hard as their father is still head of household, and she is currently doing well for herself, although not terribly important.

Jiardem Variel

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