Jhordin Mallor

Ravenlock's Twin Brother


Jhordin is Jhediah’s identical twin brother, though their personalities are now very different, Jhordin being more open and expressive than his brother. He has always had a bit more of an adventurous spirit than Jhediah, often willingly placing himself in exotic and dangerous situations in pursuit of his goals. In this sense, he is a thrill-seeker.


A consummate swordsman, Jhordin has none of the inherent magical talent demonstrated by Jhediah of late (or at least, his own magics have yet to be awakened, if they exist). He typically goes into combat wielding twin shortswords, though he has also been known to wield daggers or a crossbow as circumstances require. It would seem he is currently a member of the Imperial Feymarch Society.

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Jhordin Mallor

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