Finnan Grevel

An inspirational cult leader and conjurer of creatures.


Finnan Grevel is a half elven summoner from the Silver Millenium Empire. His other half, his Eidolon, is Wukong, the Icon of Bound Blood, a creature that seems the mix of a four armed gorilla and a draconian. Finnan is the son of an elven adventurer by the name of Deidian Melereau and a tavern owner named Cari Grevel. He grew up there until the age of 15 when he demonstrated the abilities of a Summoner, conjuring his own Eidolon and mastering arcane magic. Once he had done that, he began joining his father on his adventures and did that for seven years.

Finnan brooding

Finnan and Deidian were present when the House of Gentle Waves, a holy healing spring and temple to Tryne, was assaulted by bugbear marauders. The priests tried their best to ward off the assault, and the two adventurers took up arms against the bugbears. It was not enough to repel the assault though and they were forced to flee the temple or be slain themselves.

After seven years of adventuring, Finnan parted company with his father and struck out on his own, moving from adventuring opportunity to opportunity. While he was travelling through the town of Kemberton, the town came under imminent threat from a raiding warband known as the Raven’s Due. When word came to the town that the warband was on it’s way, the commander of the town’s army detachment despaired. His forces were out combing the land for this band so it could be put to the sword and there weren’t enough men to hold the town against an attack. He ended up drinking himself stupid during the last day before the band would arrive. Finnan rallied his second in command, the local hunters, the craftsman, and the farmers to create some impromptu defences while the village’s fastest riders made haste for the nearest army encampment to get reinforcements. The strategy worked and the Raven’s Due were unable to smash the town before the arrival of the army, trapping them between the hammer and anvil and smashing them utterly.

Finnan staring

Recently, in her attempts to gather talented individuals for her new colony, Princess Serenity interviewed Finnan about his experiences with Kemberton and decided to hire this remarkable young man to serve as the General of her fledgling colony. He has been given Briar as a weapon to carry due to the recent conflicts involving certain factions of the Fae.

Finnan Grevel

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