Byleth Gwenelan

Wizard and Priestess of Erine


Byleth is trim, but soft, with black hair usually done up and brown eyes. She stands 5’6” and weighs approximately 135 pounds. She is fair in appearance, and wears modest glasses. Normally she dresses in black and deep purple dresses.

Her birthday is Ides 6 of Winter Twilight, and she is 23 years old.


Head of a noble house that ostensibly no longer exists, sole survivor of a massacre that claimed her entire family, Byleth is a skilled magic user, interested by magic of all kinds. When her family was killed, she was taken in by a kindly scholar at a temple of Erine, who encouraged Byleth’s burgeoning wizardly studies, as well as initiated her into the mysteries of the priesthood. Also slightly morbid, Byleth is fascinated by ghosts and spirits, and serves as the town’s undertaker, a job taken out of desire rather than necessity. She is the kingdom’s Magister.

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Byleth Gwenelan

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