Andraia Alexander

Hooker with a Belt of Gold


Andraia, a half-sea elf, is tall and willowy, approximately five feet eight inches and about 130 lbs. Her hair is long and sea green, and her skin is golden bronze. When she’s ‘on duty’, she dresses in tight, revealing leather, but otherwise she dresses in slightly more covering, but no less finely cut clothes.

Andraia is 29 (early 20s in human terms), and her birthday is Prids 2 of Summer Dawning.


The product of a tryst between a sea elf and the wife of a fisherman, Andraia spent most of her time pining for the sea. Her presence was a constant source of friction between her mother and her mother’s husband, and when her mother did finally pass away, when Andraia was fourteen, Andraia’s stepfather kicked her out. Since then, Andraia has turned her talents of persuasion towards making people happy, and has become a rather successful courtesan.

She came to the kingdom of Kynnys because she heard of the unspoiled beaches and beautiful view of the sea. For winning the swimming contest during the Founders’ Day celebration, she won a golden championship belt from Crimson Steel, and currently, she serves as the kingdom’s Councilor.

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Andraia Alexander

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